ScOrchDB - simple source of truth text cmdb

It is possible to turn a field separated flat file into a ScOrchDB. Flat files are a light weight easy access, simple processing cmdb

        scorchdb - light weight flat file text database

        scorchdb [--file <filename>] [--list] [--full] [--strict] [-<column name>]* <str>* [+<column name> <str>]

        --file <file>   Specify a file name to use
                        The default is wphosts

        --FS <char>     Specify a different field separator character
                        The default is " "

        --full          Ignore the columns and show the full line

        --list          List all available column names found in default
                        file or file specified

        --strict        Only allow white space between multiple strings

        -<col> [-<col>] Display result for columns specified

        <regex string>  A regex expression used to return columns

        +<col> <string> Limit to next search string to the column mentioned (horizontal grep)
                        Although powerful this feature can be slow so only used when necessary.

        scorchdb -ip -server

        Will display the columns labelled l a and i from a file named host
        This might be the ip address, long name and alias to make a hosts file

        scorchdb --file testdb

        Will list the available column searches in the testdb file

        scorchdb +os windows

        Display all columns where the os column contains the word windows

The idea behind this is that you can set up a file as a column driven data source and the code will use labels in the file to work out the rest. If no data labels are found then numerical labels will be used.
It is possible to define the column names using "#DEF" at the start of the column list and "#FS" to define the field separator.