obrar - The Work Horse

Think of obrar as a way to standardise on bash scripting - think ansible, puppet, chef but keeping it simple.

obrar is a layer that sits between your scripts and the command line - allowing for repeatable commands to have their logs captured and stored in a managed way.

I was once asked why I was bothering to spend my spare time between deployments creating a framework for something that only took 10 minutes to run by hand.

The framework only took a couple of weeks to develop into a team usable product and then minor tweaks and enhancements. After 4 years of the framework running, I checked the stats and found the that the framework had been run almost 45,000 times. 7,500 hours of time saved , not including the improvement in consistency and reliability, collaboration, reduction in failure investigation, mean time to failure improvements, no rework and the reduced knock on effects of failure.


A man page is available.