Want a DEVOPS Engineer? Then I'm not sure you know what you are looking for -

What companies are actually looking for today boils down to a stack of technologies and skills that can be described as operations. These are the same individuals that take care of the deployment pipeline, integrate processes and tools to improve product delivery, harden production resiliency, and apply automation on as many possible steps in the development and the delivery processes.

They are the ones developers talk to when they need new a deployment capability, infrastructure change or in search for best practices with handling production.

They handle cloud platforms, the scalability of systems, and basically every aspect of the system and pipeline that doesn’t have to do directly with the application’s code.




AWS CLI Cheat Sheet

Ansible Cheat Sheet

Bash Bubble Sort Example

Bash Cheat Sheet

Bash Cron

Bash History for shared accounts

Bash string manipulation

Github Actions


Kubernetes k8s

Powershell Unzip

Python virtualenv