Scorch allows you to

  • Avoid downtime during application deployments

  • Highlight, then avoid the risks associated with manual processes

  • Identify TOIL

Announcing Version 2.13.2


Think you know DevOps? Think again -

DevOps is not just about using tools. Its about building and nurturing a DevOps culture, automating, questioning what value every step taken is giving and connecting it all together through collaboration and tool chaining. 

Process - Simplify, Consistent, Clearly Defined

Tools – Automation – Quick Turn Around, High Volume

Culture – The people – most difficult thing to change. If the people don't change, change the people

Support Configuration Management

Individuals, groups, or teams that do not have the authority, appropriate skills, or training to complete a change request shall be prevented from having the permissions or access to do so, but can be empowered to trigger a tested and approved pipeline.


Greatness isn't free. Pay down technical debt

Practice makes perfect